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Urology consultations at the following locations
Suite 8.6, Level 8, Bridge Rd Tower,
Epworth Hospital, 89 Bridge Rd. Richmond VIC 3121
(Main rooms)

Suite 20, Level 3, Epworth Eastern Medical Centre,
1 Arnold St. Box Hill VIC 3128

Knox Private Hospital Consulting Suites, 262 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152




Procedure using a fine telescope / camera to inspect the inside of the:


Prostate in males


This is usually done to investigate causes of bleeding, infection, decrease bladder emptying / flow, overactive / underactive bladder symptoms.

It can be used for detecting cancer and obstruction.

This can be a day procedure and also can be done under sedation (but depends on what is specifically done)

Risk including urine bleeding and infection especially if a biopsy has been taken.  

Other risks like making a hole in the bladder are rare.