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Urology consultations at the following locations
Suite 8.6, Level 8, Bridge Rd Tower,
Epworth Hospital, 89 Bridge Rd. Richmond VIC 3121
(Main rooms)

Suite 20, Level 3, Epworth Eastern Medical Centre,
1 Arnold St. Box Hill VIC 3128

Knox Private Hospital Consulting Suites, 262 Mountain Hwy, Wantirna VIC 3152





-        Removal of a segment of the Vas tube which connects the testicle to the prostate.

-        The sperm from the testicle travels via this tube to the prostate where semen is produced and ejaculation occurs.

-        This is an irreversible permanent form of male contraception.



This is a day case under general anaesthetic


Recovery is usually a couple of days


You should not do exercise or strenuous activity for about a week.


It is important to note that contraception is required until the Sperm count reading is zero.   

We usually check this at 3 months after surgery.


This takes approximately 30 – 40 ejaculations.


The sperm test is performed at a pathology lab.   A sample of semen is acquired at home and brought in the specimen jar.



What to Expect:



-        Bruising, swelling

-        Mild pain



-        Bleeding

-        Infection



-        Reconnection of the Vas leading to fertility

-        Testicular injury / infarction (dying)

-        Chronic pain (due to leakage of sperm causing an inflamed lump called a granuloma)

-        Accessory Vas – more than one vas on each side leading to a persistently high sperm count even though a vasectomy has been performed.